Pumpkin Oatmeal (+7 months)

  • Küçük bir parça bal kabağı
  • ½ çay bardağı yulaf ezmesi (%100 yulaf)
  • 60 ml anne sütü* veya devam sütü
How to prepare?
  • A small piece of pumpkin
  • ½ Cup of oatmeal (100% oats)
  • 60 ml of breast milk* or follow-on milk

Boil as much pumpkin as your baby can eat.

Crush the oats lightly (in a food processor or mortar) and cook them with drinking water until they reach a pudding-like consistency.

Remove the oatmeal, which has a pudding-like consistency, from the stove.

After it cools down, add breast milk or 2 measuring spoons of follow-on milk.

Add the boiled pumpkin that you have crushed with a fork and mix them.

~ 224 kcal ​​​
*Calculation of calories is based on breast milk.